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i-Help started the implementation of its digital learning project in its schools on 26th July 2018. A trial run of the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer technology was successfully conducted for the students of Government Girls' Primary School in Umariya. The students were taught using video-based learning packages on laptops. It is an attempt to enable the students to make full use of 'Smart Class' concept and complement the traditional chalk and board method of teaching. This initiative will be a big step in developing the education level of the underprivileged children in the society. i-Help was already working on developing novel methods of teaching and winning the competition 'Search for Jugaad' organised by The Walking School Bus and a prize of $1000 was an important breakthrough for its initiative. It would enable the students of these schools to access the modules and exercises whenever they want, and learn the material at their own pace. i-Help is also planning to buy tablets for the students and implement this idea in the government schools of Rangwasa and Pigdamber, to make an even larger impact on the lives of these students.