“Gundon ko pakadna hai”

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“Gundon ko pakadna hai”

“Gundon ko pakadna hai”

Hari Chauhan : I have had two enjoyable encounters with Hari, a 4th-grade boy of Pigdamber. He is always brimming with enthusiasm which reaches to the point of asking me to teach the class himself by making numerous visits to the blackboard and creating a nuisance in the process.

He is one of the most curious and fun-loving children I have ever met and teaching him is a pleasure as you don’t have to put many efforts in transferring the required concepts. As peculiar as it sounds, he wakes up at 6:30 AM every day of the week as according to him, “ Sone ki ichha nahi hoti hai ” and after waking up, as is his claim, he starts studying for class and disturbs his elder brother.

With his father working as a gate-keeper and his mother as a home-maker, He wants to be a Police officer when he grows up. He validates his dream by saying that he saw some police officers on TV and was fascinated with how they train for their job and how they shot pistols in the sky during Diwali and thus wants to become a policeman. “Gundon ko pakadne ke liye, daatne ke liye” was another reason as to why he wants to be a police officer. I smell Jake Peralta.

An insightful observer of his surroundings, he knew about the various programmes that were held at Planet-I and was informing me that the barbed wires which separate his school and IIM Indore had electricity flowing through them, so don’t use that path while going back.

As my first biology session after a span of almost 3 years, he informed on how plants grow. For whatever he didn’t know, he had a barrage of questions ready in his quiver to increase the information he possesses, making him an excellent learner.

Just like any other person on the globe, he discusses cartoons and a myriad of TV shows with his friends, when free. Being a multi-skilled boy, he also knows how to cook food but has sadly never visited any restaurant to enjoy a different taste. According to him, his best experience of eating food outside his house was in the mess of our college. While I was interacting with him, he objected his friends who were making fun of some fruit vendors, as nice and socially conscious a human can get. He also plays cricket with his elder brother and adores Hardik Pandya for his athleticism.

I can’t stress this point enough but it is an absolute privilege to be in a position where I can constructively contribute in his journey of education.

Parv Julania (IPM18)