Joseph’s first i-Help Visit

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Joseph’s first i-Help Visit

Joseph’s first i-Help Visit

It is always a noble thing to do good for the underprivileged. The i-Help initiative has been doing this for a while, and my quest for social service drove me to join it. My visit was scheduled to Umariya school and I had to teach the fifth standard students. My topic was HCF and LCM in Maths. I was given the module containing the syllabus to be taught before the visit so that I could prepare well for the class.

On the day we were taken to the school, my initial feelings ranged from excitement to responsibility and even nervousness. I, being from Kerala and not attentive during my Hindi classes at school, had difficulty speaking Hindi. At first, the thought of teaching in Hindi creeped me out, but the support of friends, seniors and most importantly the co-operation of the students helped me overcome it.

There were around ten to twelve students(all of them male) in my class, which was a small room with two rows of desks and benches along with a dusty blackboard. I could understand that the students had respect for me because, in spite of my broken Hindi and inexperienced teaching skills, almost all of the students paid attention to the class; at least they tried to.

Whenever a student had any issue or difficulty in doing the math problems, I went and helped him. Since my senior, who is fluent in Hindi, was also there in the class, I had little trouble imparting knowledge to the kids.

A thing that might seem subtle, but greatly satisfying was the students’ addressing of ‘Bhaiya’. It is such simple, but powerful expressions that make one’s day worth it.

Another point to be mentioned is that we were supposed to show a video for creating Swachh Bharath awareness among the students. So I had taken my laptop to the class. After my class started, the students were getting restless at times and kept on asking me to show the video. Unfortunately, they had to wait a little longer, and at the end of the class, they were shown the video.

As I left the class, I looked at the students once again. The happiness on their faces made me feel contented. In short, the whole experience of this teaching was deeply gratifying and priceless for each one of us. And we went on sharing our experiences with others on the way back.

Joseph Benny (IPM18)