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The i-Help Booklet

The i-Help Booklet

Volunteers fill a feedback form after every visit, wherein they are given the opportunity to share their teaching experience. Volunteers are asked if they feel the need to extend the topic they taught into another session? If the students they taught were able to grasp the concept? What they feel should be done to help improve the overall experience for the students and volunteers alike.

When the operations were started, the academic team felt the students lacked the basic foundations of English, hence efforts were made to design modules to help them particularly build their skills in this field. However, constant feedback from the volunteers prompted the team to lower the level of modules as students were unable to grasp the content.

Sometimes, there was a slight mismatch between what volunteers were teaching and what was there in the modules, which led to a lack of connectivity between consecutive visits.

This motivated the Academic Team to come up with the plan to create a booklet aimed to tackle this issue at its very base. The modules that the volunteers used had been created as reference guides for the volunteers to teach the certain topic with the basic Hindi translations of the topics they were to teach.

The new idea was to create something different. Something that would be immensely helpful for the volunteer and the student alike. Something that could be used as a reference not just for one visit, but as a standard tool across visits. The booklet has it all. It starts from the topics as basic as alphabets and ranges up to advanced levels of the topic. It contains basic teaching methods which the volunteers can use. The activities they can perform to improve class engagement. The booklet is packed with examples specifically designed to be related to by the children.

To ensure the quality of the content the students received a separate team was set up to work on the booklet majorly including enthusiastic Academic Vertical members from the IPM1 batch. It took a lot of efforts from the side of the Academic Vertical coordinators, co-coordinators and members. And finally, after a great number of meetings, edits, reviews, and redrafts, the booklet was ready.

This booklet will ensure that if the students in a class face any sort of difficulty in their lessons or are not ready to grasp any new content, the volunteers can go back to the booklet, revisit the topics and always update the student volunteering for the next visit about the same.

– Vasu Golyan (IPM18)