The Peak of Nostalgia

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The Peak of Nostalgia

The Peak of Nostalgia

I was very eager to experience this wonderful journey of a rather short time which feels like a different lifetime altogether. i-Help, where we help the underprivileged kids by sharing some of our knowledge.

After a long wait the time had finally come when we had to board the bus to the school we were supposed to go to. All I could think about during the journey was that would the kids actually like me? I soon got the answer when I got a cheerful greeting from all the kids inside the classroom. Things like this motivate you to the core to do something good.

With full enthusiasm on both sides, we started the transfer of knowledge. What surprised about the kids was that they were eager to learn. This is a quality rarely found in the kids aged 8-12. The session was full of joking around and fun learning. It reminded me of my school days when things were simpler.

Just when you thought that the session couldn’t get better than this, came the drawing activity. In this task, the kids had to fill the drawing given to them using crayon pastels. Never knew that Nostalgia could hit you so strong. Studying made them smile, drawing made them laugh.

All the kids had creativity pouring out of them like an overfilled bottle of honey. The colour choices, the preciseness of colouring inside the outline and a sense of competition made this task fun as well as creative.

– Namit Jaiswal (IPM18)