The Tale of Welfare Kitchen

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The Tale of Welfare Kitchen

The Tale of Welfare Kitchen

Going the extra mile is appreciated, but here at i-Help, we celebrate it. This is simply because of the sheer number of stakeholders involved. As much as we enjoy organizing the events, the hours of work that goes into this process is worth it looking at the event’s success. One of such events is i-Help’s Welfare Kitchen. The critical thing to note i-Help doesn’t have an Events vertical, so the entire core team is the events team.

During the IIM vs. IIT face-off, an annual event conducted by IPM SAC, we organize Welfare Kitchen. The work starts 60 days in prior, event approvals, budgets, etc., we are thankful for the campus authorities and our mentor Prof. Surbhi Dayal, the event has always received their support.

To err is human, but only during these events one realizes, to screw up is everyone. This event was planned 60 days in prior and yet so many last-minute adjustments, only during these dark times, we have to remember the light to turn on is the team. This was the second edition of Welfare Kitchen, both the times the objective was simple- team building. i-Help has the vertical division, although we all interact, during events we work in the same field.

We did some exciting shopping after a delicate and careful plan of the shopping list (managers crunch and sometimes crush numbers :p). By gods grace our numbers had a significantly small margin of error, Insha Allah i-Help played well. Our work allocation was the best; we had classes beyond the beginning of the event time. Some of us had to cook, some with a sandwich and the beverages section and the cash register.

Thanks to institute authorities, we got the most lucrative spot for setting a stall in the new auditorium. The initial turnout was a little less than expected and we had a benchmark from last year, so we moved our counter far from the kitchen and closer to people who worked and made us work by the extra running, one thing the core team can be proud of is we were more cost effective than the previous team. *wink wink*

In the end the running we did to return the property from Sakthis Kitchen, not getting transport because of miscommunication and yet again a particular skill set of a vertical yet again saves the show. At all turns and jump scares we faced, one or the other member took up the work on their shoulders and ensured the event was successful.

We can never forget the volunteers who showed up to help us in a rush, but this goes without mention, i-Help is what its volunteer base is. The number of people one meets and works with during Welfare Kitchen is what makes it a special memory for all of us.

– The Anonymous Vertical (Don’t check blog category)