What I learnt from i-Help?

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What I learnt from i-Help?

What I learnt from i-Help?

It is a story which starts from 2016 from my first visit. We all think we can teach the students in the best possible way since we know more. That’s the error. The children know more than anyone could even imagine and that was what baffled me on my first trip. As soon as entering the class a loud chorus greeting all of us drove away from the feeling of fear lying within me. I never thought I would be included in such a short time among these children. Their innocence is what touches you.  For the first time in my life, I took a class and was able to teach something.

From my first visit in spite of the heat, my hopes did not fade away. I was actually more eager for my next visit. To meet the young minds who are filled with curiosity, who do not judge but include you. The list could go on and on and even though these things might seem simple they make us who we are: A human being. i-Help is not just about the joy of giving. One receives a ton for the effort which one takes each Thursday. In spite of week’s classes, assignments, and quizzes whenever a visit is scheduled I look forward to it because it gives satisfaction and peace.  

There are numerous incidences which have an impact on me but I will talk specifically of the Pigdamber School as it was the first time, we had thought to teach students with the help of videos at the end of class. We had never tried this before so the students were quite excited when we took our laptops and said that we would show some videos. The level of enthusiasm and engagement was beyond any explanation. We introduced many concepts with the help of videos which the members prepared after thorough research and understanding. People volunteered for this tiring activity which showcased how much everyone valued the contribution one is making in the lives of these children.

The task was not just limited to going one day and teaching rather it expanded to continuous evaluation and improvement which showcased itself in the form of a student cracking the NMMS scholarship. This was a great achievement for the whole team. Also with my activities in designing some modules I learned the various factors and perspectives which I can receive by interacting with people from all three batches. I thus learned that the real help is in process of empowerment and we had taken a step in that direction.  

Another instance was of the time when our team first started its services in Umariya. I was fortunate enough to be in the first batch who visited the schools of Umariya. I got a chance to teach Maths and English to 7th class students. Out of curiosity, I asked if anyone knew the tables till 20. To my surprise more than half of the class raised their hands and even answered some questions related to it. I had to actually tweak the module to their requirements and while returning I could hear the various stories narrated by my batchmates about the level of intelligence, curiosity, and enthusiasm which these students encompassed within themselves.

Our efforts brought about quick results in this school and within a short span, there was a significant improvement in the results of children. It was a wonderful experience for me for the first time I met children who had such level of intelligence and enthusiasm and still unable to utilize the opportunities. i-help this provided this opportunity and brought about the superheroes these children hid beneath themselves.

With these numerous visits over the course of 2 and half years, I think if there are few things that I will remember, then it will be the smiling faces of children when I teach them. It fills you with the same level of enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity and makes you love the work which you do. Actually, to be precise it is not even work for it can be monotonous, boring and depressing. It is passion which motivates people to go beyond the boundaries and showcase altruistic behavior. As a human, this is our innate ability and one feels elated when we can make some difference in the lives of a few individuals.

As the famous quote goes “I cannot do big things but I can do small things in a big way” so is the case with my contribution to i-Help. It empowers oneself as well the children and that is something which no book or course can teach you. You have to immerse yourself in the experience get lost in the sense of help which is embedded in love and care and then only you can learn what is a real help. It’s not about only giving help but it is about facilitating conditions in which a person has to no longer take help from others. Therefore I have learned how to be independent and utilize the opportunities without cursing others or my fate.

“For you have the power to change your life, you only need to think about it…”           

– Rohit Kumar (IPM16)