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i-Help, a student-run initiative, is an organization of dedicated, like-minded, and hardworking individuals who believe that education is the greatest weapon against all evils of society. It’s with this spirit that we associate with various schools and NGOs to assist them with resourceful manpower which has a background from all three streams (Science, Commerce & Arts), to educate, motivate and inculcate the desire to study among those who have been unfortunate enough not to reap the benefits of education. Our primary cause is education of underprivileged children, since we believe that education is the key to overall development of an individual.

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Our Teaching Style

As a team, we believe in the concept of learning by connecting the dots. We encourage the volunteers to relate every topic and subtopic with each other to create a picture in the minds of the children. We enable them to visualise all the concepts taught to them, and finally put them to practical use.

After every visit, we take feedback from the volunteers about their experience on the visit and the issues they faced and their responses are recorded. The team sits down and analyse and all these issues and problems regularly, and comes up with a solution for them.

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From assessing the impact that i-Help as an organisation has had on its stakeholders to trying to automate the volunteer allocation process, the Projects Team serves simultaneously as the think-tank and the R&D Department of i-Help. While the team has consistently displayed quantitatively and qualitatively that i-Help is supplementing the education system and empowering underprivileged children under the aegis of IIM Indore, the effect of our organisation has been in no way limited to just the students. The Projects team has been steadfastly building a rapport with not just the students but also with their guardians and the adopted schools to reinforce upon them that the vision of i-Help is in no way limited to just teaching, but as an instrument in driving social change. The team has also adopted novel learning pedagogies over the years to facilitate the student-teacher communication channel. In the tech-savvy and computer literate world we live in today, the vertical has also made it a point to inculcate smart technology to improve learning outcomes and to serve as an enhancer to the students' curriculum.

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"i-Help is a student driven initiative at IIM Indore, underpinned by a firm belief in empowerment of India’s underprivileged children, to not only enable them to differentiate between right and wrong but also to help the nation in tapping their unexplored potential. We incessantly endeavour to employ creative learning methods to infuse impressionable young minds with curiosity and excitement as these first generation pupils take their unprecedented steps in embarking upon a journey that will lead to their liberation and our contentment.

We supplement their classroom sessions with creative educational and extracurricular activities at the IIM campus to equip them to think out of the box and facilitate their smooth absorption into the mainstream core. I feel tremendously honoured to be a part of this noble initiative and privileged to work with my student colleagues arduously determined in fulfilling their parts as socially responsible citizens."

-Prof. Surbhi Dayal

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